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Iron Meat is a classic run-and-gun game with plenty of challenge and old-school NES charm. 
There are three levels of difficulty, just like in your favourite classics. 
Tons of guns, enemies galore, and bosses that will make you go WTF?! Enjoy all of that and more across 8 levels chock-full of hard-boiled fun. 
Controls are simple and intuitive, and the graphics are classic NES pixel art goodness. 
Our game is still in early development, so expect many improvements. Some sprites and at least half the sounds are subject to change (not the music though).
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Music by Darkman007


Iron Meat.zip 141 MB

Development log


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This is Very Contra Inspired huh, I see level 1 inspirations everywhere in the video. I think the shock wave should kill the enemy solider to indicate you need to dodge it. I noticed at 2:46 the enemy doesn't die. This looks really great.


The game looks really good, how long does the demo last roughly? Also can I use a controller?

Thank you!  :)

 2 levels, each lasts about 5-7 min. And yes, you can use controller


you had me at " meat " 

I'm not sure i understand you right (my English is bad), but this is nice ^_^


it's a joke, on the movie " jerry Macguire " 

he gives a long speach, and she says " you had me at hello " 

Ahaha, now i get it, thanks  :D


Beautiful Pixelarts graphics.
The difficulty is somewhat balanced with the number of lives
At the second level, falling is very frustrating.
Now I remember why I did not like Nintendo's "Contra".
God job!

Thank you! ^_^


I loved the game, beautiful graphics and very soft gameplay.

I finished the game a few times and was able to make a more interesting gameplay.


You are playing very nicely, cool!


Gave it a go...


Looks great man, great direction. Great video too! 

Loved Contra back in the day. Maybe for a similar game near 3 decades later, something fresh could be introduced... Just an idea :)

Keept it up!


Thanks for the feedback! Right now, I'm working on a basic mechanics, but later, of course, i will add some new features.


Made a video


Hey, nice video! :)


Hey, nice game!

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Nice Man! Good Job!  It takes me to the my youth arcade time! Good Job! Can I know what Game Engine did you used?

Oh yeah, and I know that there are like 20 lives, but some live drop here and there it would be nice! I'm guessing the final versione will have that! Again! Awesome Work!

Thank you! :) 

Engine - Unity

Yes,  there will be live drop! It's only pre-pre-pre-alfa :D


Awesome game i loved every second of it, great job, feel free to email me and keep me up to date on the progress, im really into this haha

Hi. Thank you, I'm glad that you liked the game. Of course i will give an announcment, when the new build is ready.


The game reminds me a lot of contra with the controls and game play, it's a cool game that I would like to see more done with!


this game back amiga :D

Now it's 20 lives :D

ok :D


Great start! I've never been a fan of the one hit death, and I do think some attacks need a little bit better telegraphs, but overall the movement is fantastic, the art and music are awesome and it was a blast to play! Awesome work so far!


Pretty good pre-alpha. I wish there were some life drops but other than that, fun times with lots of guns. :)

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Thank you for the feedback! Fast fix - the hero has 20 lives now. Major bugs will be fixed later.


Hey. Hehe, 20 is a lot. :) 


It's only pre-alfa demo :)


Not a lot if you play like me and you end with 6 lives in the end on Normal difficulty :D Anyways, great game! Liked the music and sound effects.