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An hour ago, this facility was home to almost 10,000 of us. Now… there are just three left. The rest have been eaten, absorbed, or otherwise repurposed to become more of…

Whatever this is…


Iron Meat is a run-and-gun shooter featuring an onslaught of mechanics ripped from the dawn of the NES. Play as Vadim, a Sergeant Major in the Russian army, and battle the ravenous Meat across the planet and beyond.

Overcome mutated victims, evade barrages of bullets, and blitz across land and sky in eight levels of the rawest iron brutality.

The Meat is all — but will you be the one to stop it?


  • Side-scrolling combat featuring a savage soundtrack by Darkman007
  • Eight apocalyptic levels of blood and badassery
  • Enjoy classic run-and-gun and shoot'em-up gameplay with a variety of weapon upgrades
  • Unlock a wide array of character skins, from the serious to the silly
  • Test your mettle with three difficulty settings
  • Enlist the help of a comrade with Local Multiplayer mode

Follow us on Twitter:  https://bit.ly/3Ng9fZt

Discord:  https://discord.gg/bHZdneBPUx

Wishlist here: http://swm.to/IronMeat


Iron Meat 16 06 2022.zip 133 MB

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Found some spots in the first level that don't allow player to jump down.  Also, at least one spot where they can jump down to their death. ( seems like that is disabled in most spots) 

You should let me be a tester before release:-)

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I'm sorry, I didn't see the message. If there are a lot of bugs, it is better to write to the mail, so as not to clutter up the comments. Many thanks for the bugs found! ironmeatgame@gmail.com

Right now there is no search for testers, but I think it will be conducted closer to the release. Of course I will keep you in mind!


I just randomly came across a youtube video showing this a couple hours ago.  Less than 30 seconds into that Youtube video, I searched for the game and downloaded it here.   I REALLY hope you give us more of this.  I'm ready to spend money for a full game!  I'd love to buy it on any console, old or new.  Switch would be awesome, but I'm not picky.  If a computer is the only option I ever get, ok:-( but I still loved the two levels that I was able to play.  I hope there's much much more to come!

Do you need anyone to help with more music?

Would you like help from a developer or distributor like LRG, Modern Vintage Game, or anyone?  I just want to be able to play more of this somehow :-)


The game will be ported to consoles, including the switch. Help with music is not needed, it is written by a wonderful musician Darkman007. I also have a publisher, so there are no problems here either. The game is in the final stage of development. 

I am very glad that you like the game, thank you so much for your attention! :)

For the record, I LOVE the music.  Darkman007 is great!  I only asked just in case you needed help making more music for more levels  (as I know a talented friend who makes similar music.)   Glad you have it all under control.  I can't wait to buy it and play the full game!


Hi! Amazing game! The pixel art is very top. Can't compare to most of modern pixelart games.

I was trying it in an old 15Hz CRT, and the game itself seems to display fine at 320x200? but the text in the menus can't be read at this resolution and the ingame HUD is not resized, so it looks too big.

Any thought about this? 

Also, 4:3 aspect ratio would be perfect for CRTs.


Hi! Glad you like it! :D

  Yes, there is some problems with resolution, I'll definitely fix it! It's old problem =\

 Thanks for feedback!


Really awesome game with amazing pixel art! It is featured in my Top 5 of this Week!

Check my video!


Nice video!



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We played your game, amazing graphics and music. We really love it. My friend and I really would like to translate your game into Turkish. If you are interested, contact us via this email address: meliksahcivitt@gmail.com

Deleted 76 days ago

Sure it is :D

will it ever come to Consoles like PlayStation? This game looks AMAZING👌🏽

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This is completely nickpicking an amazing project, but if there's any time left over can you add in "scanlines" as an optional graphics 'enhancement' to give it a near authentic arcade feel?  

Of course! What exactly is better to add there? Thank you for your feedback :D


wow!!waiting immensely!!!!!success

Thank you! :D


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game it's pretty good and has some really good "Contra" vibes.

-The gameplay mechanics are really fun and they high amount of lives the game gives you makes it easier to get into for new players.

-The game visually looks really great and has a lot of personality.

-The powerup system and the different weapons implementation is really good.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you for looking at the game!

You are welcome :D

Deleted 1 year ago

Спасибо, рад что понравилось! Неплохой канал, кстати, пожалуй подпишусь



Nice video! You are a skilled player


This is great, I highly enjoyed the demo. Fantastic soundtrack as well. I hope the full game will be completed soon as I can't wait to play it!


Thank you! There wouldn't be release this summer, but maybe (maybe!) this year. At least I hope so :D


i cant select anything for install :c, what i can do?

Hi! I suppose you need to unpack .zip archive. You need archivator ZIP if you don't have one. After that you will get Iron Meat folder, and then run Iron Meat.exe inside, no installation needed

Or you can't download game?

(Sorry for my English)


This user might be using the Itch app. I had the same problem. You click download and it presents a dialog with an empty "install" drop-down. I had to download from the web page instead. 

(I am on Linux running the game under Wine, so perhaps that's why the Itch app doesn't present any options for installation because the game is technically Windows only?)


Yes, game is for Windows, I didn't test it on other OS. I suppose that's the reason. Then I don't know how to solve this :(  I'm going to make the game compatible with various operating systems, but after I finish game


Amazing game. You change the visuals. Now, it's looks more gore.

Nice video! Thank you! Yes, there is a lot of meat and gore now, I love grimdark :D


Lore question: What’s the future like in this game? What wars had occurred? And what happened with the US? 


Hi! Thank you for your attention to the game!

 The future is dark. There were no global wars, but economic crises are raging, and the world's population as a whole has become poorer. Nothing has happened to the United States, everything is the same, but the economic crisis has affected them too. The game takes place in Russia. Events are developing rapidly, yesterday everything was as usual


I really like the game! Remember the old great tittles.

couple levels in the demo seem solid! I like the different weapon types - they all feel 'just right'.

if there was a way to lock your aim, like in Super Metroid, that'd be pretty great - and if there was some way you could avoid the Contra trap - where you have cool weapons, until you die to the boss and then you just have to finish the boss fight with your boring old gun - that'd be rad.

I'd pay a couple bucks for what you've got in the demo alone though - can't wait to see this released and play through in co op!


Hi! Thanks for feedback! Can't say how, but I'll figure something out about gun. And, uh, I personally don't like Super Metroid aim style, but I think I'll make it customizable


Very good Run & Gun. I love the Contra games except the PS1 ones by Apaloosa. Yes, even Contra Force is OK if you overclock the emulated CPU. Played through Blazing Chrome and Super Cyborg. 

What price point are you considering? I would instabuy for $10.

You could make more tricky situations if you added lock and strafe buttons like Hard Corps Uprising or Contra 3 Alien Wars EX.

I don't think it needs more playable characters.

Thanks! I can't talk about the price (because of the contract), but it won't be high :D

Lock is already added (you can adjust it in settings), but there won't be a strafe, because it changes the game mechanics a lot (and I'll have to change all the levels)

And I can't say for sure about game characters yet

Thank you so much for your attention!


Спасибо за новую демку! Приятно наблюдать за развитием проекта. Пока что впечатления сугубо положительные, хотя цвета  пуль немного вырвиглазные, но это ИМХО, естественно. Кооп, к сожалению, обкатать не успел.

На положительные отзывы тоже приятно смотреть, спасибо :D Обновил демку, изменил цвет пуль. Это из-за режима на двоих - игроки путаются в старых цветах пуль, поэтому у игроков все пули синие\зелёные а у врагов красные\оранжевые

(2 edits)

Я так понял, вы из России, и потому напишу на русском -
Итак, первое - честь вам и хвала за то, что решили воскресить Контру в самом что ни на есть классическом ее виде - давно пора было, но за все эти годы, почему-то никто за это не взялся, а кто взялся - у тех явно не получилось. Ваш проект выглядит наиболее близким к...желаемому результату.
Второе - очень радует "советский колорит" - то, что в технике узнается реально существующая техника Советского Союза (КамАЗ и поезд) - это очень эффектно смотрится.  И сразу как бы намекает, что действие происходит на постсоветской территории (Сибирь?) и что причина всего этого кошмара - какие-то забытые ужасные эксперименты советских ученых. (Может я не прав насчет сюжета, но мне представляется что-то такое).
Третье - очень хорошая работа художника. Дизайн локаций и врагов великолепен. Отличные цвета и практически не к чему придраться.

Теперь о плохом.
Что лично мне ОЧЕНЬ не понравилось - главный герой. Он выглядит так, будто его взяли из какой-то другой игры, куда менее качественной.
Мало того, что по стилю он напоминает дешевую пластмассовую игрушку 80-х, так еще и он достаточно плохо нарисован - невыразительная поза, плохая анимация бега и прочее.
Все в игре выглядит стильно и качественно, а главный герой - безвкусно и дешево.
Серьезно - замените главного героя. Он все портит.
Простой спецназовец в камуфляже и закрытом шлеме будет куда гармоничней смотреться, чем этот "Туррикан".
(Ну или просто перекрасьте этого вашего солдата в "танковый цвет")
А еще лучше - сделайте выбор персонажа. Трое или четверо с разным набором оружия. По законам контры, эти четверо должны быть -
1-Сбаллансированный солдат (как ваш); 2-Здоровый бугай с повышенной огневой мощью (можно сделать мутанта или киборга); 3-Сексуальная девушка, слабая но быстрая (желательно с длинными волосами); 4-Робот, вооруженный читерским супер-оружием (для тех, кто хочет легко и быстро пройти игру). Примерно так.

PS: Я так много написал, потому что мне действительно понравился ваш проект. Удачи вам!

Спасибо за отзыв! :) Да, я из России, Питер.

Дизайн главного героя - известная проблема, мало кому он нравится. 100% что переделаю к моменту релиза. Сказывается не очень большой опыт рисования. По этой же причине вряд ли будет выбор персонажей - если одного толком нарисовать не могу, то куда уж несколько. Хотя сейчас скилл прокачался, может и лучше пойдёт

This game is challenging, even on Normal, but lots of fun! I like the twisted blend of machine and flesh. The music fits well with the game, too!

Big, big thanks! :)

Wow! Better than any of the Contra games that have come out the last 20 years. I love it!


Thank you! I think contra 4 was pretty good :)

Contra 4 tried too hard to be difficult....Super C on NES was perfect if you ask me. It becomes a game you can master, but I never did get very good at Contra 4, and I hated that grappling hook. It just added one more thing to think about in a game where I don't want to think, I want to destroy!  :P Shooting and Dodging is enough.


I actually didn't play contra 4, I saw it on Youtube. Don't like hook too! I think I was talking more about graphical part... And yes, Super C on NES is the best. I have played only Contra and Super C (both NES), so it's my favorite games in series by default :D


Wonderful! love it!


Thank you! :)


Огромное спасибо за новую демку! Игра стала гораздо шустрее, что довольно приятно. Однако стреляющие противники на вертикальном уровне теперь доставляют много больше проблем.

По поводу прыжков я имел ввиду представленное на видео поведение. В "ожидаемом" - результат небольшого "мода" с моей стороны ( при прыжке проверяется не состояние игрока (лежит/стоит), а нажатие клавиши "вниз"  ). Надеюсь, это не обидит автора. 

Ничего страшного нет, наоборот, спасибо за фидбек! Сделать спрыгивание на ходу можно, но я ещё не решил - собираю фидбек. Совсем не исключено, просто мнения у игроков по этому поводу разные. Может быть, ради эксперимента, в следующем обновлении добавлю эту возможность

Deleted 1 year ago

Спасибо! :)

(1 edit)

Very cool game. I love almost everything about it so far. The only thing I found a little annoying is the delay you have to wait after being damaged. It could be 1f or 1.5f second less. 

//М-да, с английским у меня не очень, поэтому продублирую на всякий случай)) В игру буквально влюбился, но задержка после получения дамага несколько долгая на мой вкус... 

Всё ок :) Задержка после смерти сокращена др 1.5 сек, думаю на следующей неделе обновлю демку. Там и прыжки "приятней" станут. Спасибо! :D


Здорово! Жду с нетерпением. Есть только один вопрос: более приятные прыжки включают возможность спрыгнуть с платформ на бегу?

Пока что нет, я основываюсь на мнении большинства, которому интуитивным кажется прыжок вверх на бегу =\

Про приятные прыжки - имелось в виду input buffering

(4 edits)

Упс, и правда выглядит странно) Но я немного не о том. Если во время бега и стрельбы прожать "вниз+прыжок", пресонаж не спрыгнет вниз, но подпрыгнет. Или это фича?


This game is crazy. The graphics, the music, the boss fights, everything. I love every aspect and have found myself playing it countless times even in it's unfinished stage. I can't wait to see what's coming to the game in the future, and I honestly hope it stays free as well. Thank you for all your hard work, it shows in the gameplay!

Oh, thank you very much! But after the release, the game will be paid =\ But in the future the demo will have 3 levels


That's about what I expected. No matter the price, I'm ready to buy!

Glad to hear that! :)



As a contra-lover, I liked the actress very much.

Thank you! :D

It's looks laggy for some reason, I'll surely fix later, it's not supposed to work like that :(


Can I run this on 32bit version of win ? 

And how can I support the game 

Im really excited great work btw 👍👌

1) Yes, you can. Previous demo version was 64x, but it was an accident :(

2) You can wishlist it on Steam: swm.to/IronMeat

Thank you for your attention, glad you like it! :)

(Google help me to translate it)


Nice!  Great contra feel

Thanks! :)


Hi! A couple of tweaks I think you could implement:

1- Map the same command to different buttons, like change weapon to both L1 and R1 and stay to L2 and R2.

2- You're probably still balancing the difficult, but the second stage is too easy. Climb the place makes no need for quick reactions since there's no enemies comming from outside the screen. Maybe you could place some enemies comming from bellow sometimes.



1) Cool idea, I think I'll do it, thanks!

2) Oh, difficult question... Most reviews say that the level is too hard, so in case if  I'll add  enemies like you suggest, it will be only on "hard"

Thanks for feedback! :)


Looks great!

Thanks! :)


So cool! I can't wait for the full game!


Thank you! :) I'm doing everything I can to get it over with as quickly as possible


Loved the game! it was so fun and insane! I cant wait for the full game when its done! ill definitely make a video on that! 


Thank you for taking a look at the game! :)


Really cool game. Looking forward to more development. :) I used to love Contra and Metal Slug, and this game is awesome! Would 2 Player Co-op be a thing in the full game? 


Yes, there will be 2 player co-op in full game. Thanks for your attention, glad you liked it! :)


very interesting game. I am not usually interested in these kinda games, but your game is an exception. I love it. i hope to see more of it in the future. keep up :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


Thanks for your attention! I suppose you should know - it's autofire, you can just hold fire button :) Nice video! 


absolutely loved the gameplay video on Alpha Beta Gamer. It's your project but I hope you'll make some huge animated set pieces, level geometry, and enemies - larger than the screen... think e.g. first level of Dynamite Headdy, or how you feel when you first arrive at the airship in Sonic 2... huge pieces of geometry moving around can be really epic

Also spider tanks shooting rockets


A ha ha, thank you! :D
Enemies larger than in the demo of course will be. But I'm afraid there won't be any REALLY giant enemies, I'm still not a very experienced artist.
 Very big enemies can come out ugly and take an unreasonably long time. But an enemy the size of a truck is always welcome! :D


Dude from what I've seen you're a pretty good artist. You have a great eye for colors and style. Keep at it and you'll get there. But trust me. You want to get there. And if you focus on just that, I'm fairly sure you'll get there in a reasonable amount of time. Also what if the scenery moved? E.g. if one of the bunkers in the first level suddenly shifts, like due to an earth quake. Or it suddenly rises and starts moving around on legs because it's actually a mech. That would be so cool. I guess I just like a lot of movement on the screen :D I think for very large geometry one thing people did back in the day was model out stuff in a 3D program, render that, then paint over it, covering it in full. It helps a lot so that whatever large geometry you're drawing doesn't start looking off. Think of it as a guide of sorts. Before they had 3D to do that, they would just draw out the mesh on paper or on a layer in the painting program. That's very helpful, too.

(I use Google translate)

Giant enemies are cool. But my time is limited. I can learn to make big enemies quickly, but it also takes time :D
A sinking bunker is a great idea!


haha thanks :) good luck :)


This "Horror Contra" blend is amazing. Big fan! Just finished the first two levels. Incredible attention to detail, love the depth to the background, details like raining blood, the way enemies explode in a blood mist.

Great stuff! Nostalgic yet fresh.


Thank you!  It's hard, but interesting to make games. Really glad you like it!


You did a fantastic job. Reminds me of playing Contra when I was a kid. But the art style and horror aesthetic gives it a Castlevania / Lovecraftian / Stranger Things vibe. Gonna wish list on Steam for you


Awesome! Rest assured, I will return the favor :D (my English is bad, so I use google translate)

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